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HVN Sleep is an anti-snoring device that regulates the muscles in the throat and mouth to reduce the reverberations. The included adhesive strips are non-irritating, and the actions of the device are controlled through a downloadable app[1].

What is HVN Sleep?

Snoring can be frustrating for both the individual who snores and anyone in the room with them. Already affecting 90 million people in the United States alone, snoring is a sign that the body is not breathing properly. The lack of proper breathing can disrupt a healthy sleep cycle. Though it may seem like illuminating this problem is more beneficial to the individuals around the snorer, regulating breathing is especially helpful to the quality of sleep. There are many products on the market today that claim to help with snoring, but HVN Sleep addresses it differently.

With an ergonomic design, HVN Sleep stops[2] the user’s snoring without special pillows or even a mouthguard. Rather than simply opening up the airways, this device pairs with a phone app to record information about the user’s typical breathing habits. As the HVN Sleep device is worn nightly, it records information and applies it to a therapeutic plan. Whenever the user snores, certain muscles are stimulated to improve breathing, eliminating the snoring vibrations.

For consumers who may be hesitant to try this product, the Southern University of Science and Technology has already studied the technology used. According to their study, the use of these simulations was able to reduce snoring. In many cases, individuals were able to stop snoring entirely. Plus, all of the new data that users will learn about their sleeping habits may help them in other ways.

As the user sleeps, HVN Sleep will also help them to rest more easily by playing relaxing music and other sleep-inducing sounds the ease the transition.

How HVN Sleep Works

The reason that HVN Sleep is effective is due to the pressure that it places on the nose. Rather than allowing the Airways to be congested or closed, it opens them up to eliminate snoring. There is no medication or even natural ingredients that automatically do what the soft silicone device can.

The patch that users place along their chin uses magnetic electrodes to detect snoring patterns and other data while the user sleeps. To make sure this device does not irritate the skin, it is made with medical-grade fabric that is both hypoallergenic and safe. As the data is collected, it learns to recognize snoring patterns while the user is sleeping.

As soon as the device understands that the individual is snoring, it will send out impulses through the strip to trigger the throat muscles[3]. These are impulses, which range from 10 Hz to 60 Hz, instantly change the way that the user is breathing period it is not painful, there is no shock, and it does not instantly wake up the user.

Along with the muscles in the throat, the impulses will stimulate the nerves’ muscles and under the tongue. This activation of these muscles improves the user’s breathing and stops snoring.

Setting It Up

Setting up the HVN Sleep correctly is essential. The first step is to download the corresponding app and activating the Bluetooth function. The app will walk the user through the process of pairing.

After making sure that the skin is clean, the user applies the strip along their chin, aligning it with their throat’s groove. To ensure that the strip sticks, press down on it for approximately 30 seconds.

With the app ready and the strip in place, users can then power on the device and control it.

Purchasing HVN Sleep

On the official website, consumers will have multiple package options. They can order multiple devices for everyone in their home, or they can suck up to bring with them wherever they go.

Choose from:

Four HVN Sleep devices for $329.97[4]

Three HVN Sleep devices for $269.98[5]

Two HVN Sleep devices for $239.98[6]

One HVN Sleep device for $119.99[7]

If the user finds that this is not the right product, they have up to 30 days to reach out to the company and request a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions About HVN Sleep

How does HVN Sleep work?

The key to getting the most out of HVN Sleep is downloading the digital application and using the conductive strips. The strip is placed below the chin, angling the groove towards the user’s throat. To fully adhere to the skin, the strip has to be pressed against it for at least 30 seconds. Then, the HVN Sleep can be powered on and attached.

Won’t it be uncomfortable to wear?

If, for any reason, the device becomes uncomfortable, the user can reduce its intensity in the settings section of the app. Users can address the intensity at any time to find the right setting for them.

Will the light remain on while the device is in use?

No. After about 10 minutes, the power indicator light and the Bluetooth light will turn off.

How long will users need to wait for a full charge?

To completely charge, HVN Sleep takes about 2 hours. On a 100% battery, users should be able to use the device for two nights.

Is the HVN Sleep safe to use while traveling by plane or bus?

Yes. This device is meant to be used in all kinds of travel.

What is included in this package?

Along with the main HVN Sleep device, users will receive 10 conductor strips. To maintain cleanliness and eliminate the risk of contamination, the creators recommend using a new conductor strip each night to use the HVN Sleep.

For anyone that wants to learn more about the remedy, the customer service team is available by phone (855-219-4892) or by email ( support@buyhvnsleep.com[8] ).


HVN Sleep offers a unique solution to snoring[9] that plays on the many different therapies available today. Rather than offering a nose strip that just opens the nostrils, it triggers the muscles to regulate the user’s breathing. Instead of an app that can just track the information, this app records the sleep data and applies it to the snoring regimen. With no supplements or medications, users focus on retraining their muscles for better sleep[10].

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