Med Gen Initiates Radio Blitz Targeting Snoring Sufferers

BOCA RATON, Fla.–([1])–April 28, 2005–Med Gen Inc. (OTCBB:MDGN), manufacturers of the national brands Snorenz(R), snore relief throat spray and Good Nights Sleep(R), sleep aid throat spray, announced today that it has placed advertising commitments with Plus Media Buying Services, New York, for a 12 week blitz aimed at the over 100 million snoring sufferers nationally. “Getting the word out about Snorenz(R), is our most important job, as we move forward to meet our sales objectives,” said Paul B. Kravitz, Chairman and Chief Executive of Med Gen, Inc. “As a company, we suffer from publicitis, not having been able to communicate enough publicity for our brands or our company. Thus we suffer from an undervalued stock and under-recognized brands, Snorenz(R) and Good Nights Sleep(R),” he added.

Starting with Phoenix on KFYI-AM, the areas leading News/Talk station and continuing on to WBBM-AM Chicago, WIOD-AM-Miami, WBZ-AM Boston, KNX-AM Los Angeles and WINS-AM New York in two-week segments, hard hitting Snorenz(R) commercials will air to a combined 56 million listeners. Tagged with the nation’s finest store names, Walgreens, Brooks, Albertsons, SavOn, Osco, Meijer and WalMart as examples, Med Gen will attempt to get the “word out” about the effectiveness of its patented all natural formula. “This is a product that really works and few know of its existence,” Kravitz said in a broadcast, which can be heard on Wall Street

“Snorenz(R) is the first product ever to be introduced into the market as an all natural throat spray and although we have been copied by larger and more heavily capitalized companies, Snorenz(R) still remains as the only all natural snoring relief throat spray formula. Tested and re-tested in various venues and clinical studies, Snorenz(R) continues to be rated high with a loyal following, as an effective remedy.

“The potential estimate of the retail market for snoring relief products remains illusive. However, the many recent articles relative to snoring and the resultant sleep deprivation problems indicate that the market is large and Med Gen intends to go after this business with very aggressive sales and communication programs. The recent support and funding from the NIR Group (reported in an earlier News Release) will help and is just a first step aiding us in reaching our end objectives. There is alot in the works at Med Gen.”

This Press Release contains or incorporates by reference “forward looking” statements including certain information with respect to plans and strategies of Med Gen Inc. For this purpose, any statements contained herein or incorporated herein by references that are not statements of historical fact may be deemed forward looking statements. Without limiting the foregoing, the words “believes”, “suggests”, “anticipates”, “plans”, “expects”, and similar expressions are intended to identify forward looking statements. There are a number of events or actual results of Med Gen operations that could differ materially from those indicated by such forward looking statements.

Med Gen, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the OTCBB exchange “MDGN”.


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