Paladin Labs Announces the Launch of Unisom® Snore Relief, the Only Natural Health Product Throat Spray Available in Canada to Help Relieve Symptoms Associated with Snoring

MONTREAL, April 19, 2018 /CNW/ — Paladin Labs Inc., a subsidiary of Endo International plc (NASDAQ: ENDP), announced today the launch of Unisom® Snore Relief, a new snore relief product from the makers of Unisom®, the trusted and established sleeping aid brand in Canada.

New Unisom® Snore Relief is an OTC (over-the-counter) branded throat spray available in Canada which is indicated to help relieve symptoms associated with snoring. 

Snoring is a common condition that affects 2/3 of Canadian adults1. It occurs when the air flowing through the passages at the back of the mouth and nose is constricted. This happens during sleep because the throat muscles, soft palate and uvula are relaxed. The narrower the airway, the faster the air flows, and the more these tissues vibrate. It’s these vibrations along the airway that cause the snoring noise2.

“We are pleased to announce the launch of Unisom® Snore Relief in Canada,” said Livio Di Francesco, VP & General Manager of Paladin Labs Inc. “This new throat spray can help Canadians relieve their symptoms of snoring in an easy to use format. Unisom® Snore Relief expands our Unisom® product line.”

Paladin obtained the exclusive rights to market and sell Unisom® Snore Relief in Canada from PuraNox Trading BV, Oosterhout, Netherlands in May 2017.

About Unisom® Snore Relief
Unisom® Snore Relief is a natural health product (NHP) specifically indicated to help relieve symptoms associated with snoring. This product may not be right for all patients. Always read and follow the label.

About Unisom®
Unisom® is an effective and trusted sleep aid for occasional insomnia; it helps to reduce difficulty falling asleep. The brand has been on the Canadian market for over 35 years. The makers of Unisom® offer products including Unisom Extra-Strength Tablets and Soft Gel Capsules. 

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Unisom® Snore Relief suggested retail price: $24.99 – $29.99 (45 mL Aerosol).

Available on pharmacy shelves.

About Paladin Labs Inc.
Paladin Labs Inc., headquartered in Montreal, Canada, is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on acquiring or in-licensing innovative pharmaceutical products for the Canadian market. Paladin has a focused marketing and sales organization that has helped it evolve into one of Canada’s leading specialty pharmaceutical companies. Paladin is an operating company of Endo International plc (NASDAQ: ENDP[2]), a highly focused generics and specialty branded pharmaceutical company delivering quality medicines to patients in need through excellence in development, manufacturing and commercialization. Learn more at[3] or[4].

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